Bank View High School

Bank View school is a special provision school for ASD and CLD students from Year 7 to 14 as well as a Primary provision. We have a large number of students with social, emotional and physical needs. The artwork submitted this year is from our Year 9 students who studied a landscape project based on Impressionist art movement and students took inspiration from our city of Liverpool to make their own personal responses in the style of Impressionism.

School Competition Entries

Read it and weep

Leighton Cooper

21cm x 23cm, Watercolour, collage and pen

Blood sweat and tears

Bobby Baker

30cm x 42cm, Watercolour, pencil and collage background

Portrait with watercolour

Anthony Owen

25cm x 39cm, Watercolour and collage

Mixed media Portrait

Andrew Owen

30cm x 42cm, Watercolour, pen and collage background

Bright eyes

Alfie Leak

22cm x 16cm, Watercolour, pen and collage background

Smoky eye

Katie Davies

27cm x 21cm, Watercolour, pen and collage background

Self portrait

Ben Chamberlain

21cm x 19cm, Watercolour, pen and collage background

Bed Head in colour

Michael Hinchcliff

42cm x 29cm, Watercolour, pen and pencil