Maricourt High School

Maricourt seeks to provide and sustain a living Catholic community which is rooted in Christian values and where growth and knowledge, respect, love and fellowship are shared by all.

School Competition Entries

Acrylic Dreams

Luke Hallman

26cm x 30cm, Acrylic on canvas

Mononoke (Pretty Flower)

Millie Power

14cm x 22cm, Pencil


Hannah Mulligan

30cm x 42cm, Photograph

The Dream

Ella Collinge

30cm x 40cm, Mixed media on canvas

Rainbow Reflection

Anthony McHale

50cm x 76cm, Ink and pencil on canvas

Purple Abyss

Evelyn Baker

30cm x 42cm, Photograph

En Pointe

Erin Adams

16cm x 25cm, Pencil on paper


Caitlin Roberts

30cm x 42cm, Photograph

The Darkest Point

Amy Reeves

21cm x 29cm, Pencil, paint, ink and pastel

In the Wings

Heather Barry

14cm x 17cm, mixed media on paper


Hannah Carney

30cm x 42cm, Collage and pencil

Funky Trunky

Leah Challinor

30cm x 42cm, Pencil and ink

Wax Lyrical

Abbie Mahoney

30cm x 42cm, Wax on canvas

The Leaving of Liverpool

Ella Roberts

15cm x 20cm, Photograph

All Things Nice

Gerad Mooney

23cm x 29cm, Ink on paper

Time stands Still

Megan Smith

16cm x 23cm, Pencil and ink


Jamie Martin

23cm x 28cm, Pencil and ink

Blue Haze

Chloe Curran

42cm x 58cm, Pencil and paint


Matt McKenna

42cm x 49cm, Mixed media

Abstract Horizon

Shaun Mullin

30cm x 42cm, Photograph

How Succulent

Lucy Davies

20cm x 26cm, Paint

Don't Touch

Francesca Richardson

21cm x 29cm, Paint


Sonny Doyle

35cm x 45cm, Oil on canvas


Alexander Farley

17cm x 17cm, Paint


Rhea Monaghan

42cm x 49cm, Mixed media