Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy

OBA is a vibrant 11-18 Academy based in Runcorn. We provide a warm, innovative learning environment that excites, stimulates and challenges students. The school has enjoyed several years of success. In 2017 we were in the top 3 schools in Halton for the proportion of students achieving a grade 5 or above in the reformed GCSEs for English and Maths. Our Sixth Form results are outstanding. In 2017, we achieved a 75% pass rate at A*-C.The OBA art department aims to develop students' confidence through a programme of visual study that encourages breadth and depth in the development of a creative & personal visual language.


School Competition Entries

Notre Dame

Molly McMaster

35cm x 27cm, Biro

Florence Duomo

Gabrielle Sartorius

40cm x 37cm, Ink and Emulsion

Norton Water Tower

Beth Burns

29cm x 42cm, Mixed media

The Chrysler Building

Abby Rogerson

29cm x 42cm, Pencil


Alicia Chadwick

45cm x 18cm, Chalk and acrylic paint

Chrysler Building 2

Amber Viles

29cm x 42cm, Pencil

The Eiffel Tower

Arabella Mitchell

29cm x 42cm, Pencil and fineliner

New York Music Scene

Benjamin Bramhall

42cm x 55cm, Pencil

London Landmarks

Callum Newton

29cm x 42cm, Mixed media

Castle Study

Charlie Jamieson

29cm x 42cm, Mixed media

Looking up at the tower

Chloe Worrall

29cm x 42cm, Pencil

Big Ben

Eleanor Kirwan

14cm x 21cm, Pencil

The Liver Building

Eve McGuiness

42cm x 59cm, Pencil

The Taj Mahal

Halle Dua

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic Paint

Sydney Opera House

Jac Wynne

29cm x 42cm, Pencil

Taj Mahal Sunset

Jess Hodgson

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic Paint

Dome of Florence

Katie Morgan

40cm x 22cm, Pencil

Opera House - Sydney

Katy Jan Targett

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic Paint

Chrysler Close Up

Kyle Lewis

29cm x 42cm, Pencil

St Paul's

Marcus O'Neill

29cm x 42cm, Mixed media


Mia Morton

29cm x 42cm, Mixed media

Chrysler 3

Molly Wade

29cm x 49cm, Pencil

Fort on a hillside

Thomas Gannon

29cm x 42cm, Mixed media