St Anne's Catholic Primary School

At St Anne's this year we will be taking part in Liverpool's Eighteen for 18 celebrations by having 18 days dedicated to the Arts. Some of the artwork submitted marks the start of these celebrations. They will be used as a stimulus for the rest of the school to take part in a 'My Liverpool' art project. It worked out very nicely working with Year 5 children as some of them were born in 2008! The other pieces of work submitted were part of our Spanish week celebrations in which the children studied the work of Spanish artist Joan Miro.

School Competition Entries

My Liverpool 3

Rozelin Karakas

30cm x 21cm, Pencil & Acrylic Paint

My Liverpool 1

Tyra Fareweather

30cm x 21cm, Pastels and watercolours

The Reading Tree

Adam Sidimoussa

30cm x 21cm, Pastels

My Liverpool 2

Imran Jjuko

30cm x 21cm, Pastels

My Liverpool 4

Kadisha Wade

30cm x 21cm, Pencil & Pastels

My Liverpool 5

Tatenda Chimhuva

30cm x 21cm, Acrylic Paint

My Liverpool 6

Imran Jjuko

30cm x 21cm, Pencil & Pastels

The Zig Zag Tiger

Anotidaishe Epiphania Muzhona

30cm x 21cm, Pastels