St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High

St. Augustine's places great importance on developing the creative skills of students and offers a broad range of arts related opportunities to both students and the wider community. Students are able to begin an Art and Design or Graphics GCSE in year 9 and the work you see here is by students who began these courses in September. From painting and drawing to photography and digital design, the students never fail to produce exceptional work, embracing new skills and developing their visual language.

School Competition Entries

Polygonal fericit

Gena Pantelimon

41cm x 29cm, Digital Art

Below the void Poster

Conor Travis

29cm x 41cm, Digital Art


Emily Martland

42cm x 15cm, Ink on paper

Pop-art pred

Leah Maudsley

20cm x 20cm, Digital Art

Under the sea

Ellie Harris

7cm x 8cm, Clay

Ebb and glow

Lesley Mather

42cm x 15cm, Ink on paper

Under the microscope

Zak Dwyer

42cm x 15cm, Ink on paper