The Academy of St Francis of Assisi

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi is a unique vibrant multicultural community where students thrive guided by our Christian Values of respect, ambition, pride, happiness and reconciliation.There are 44 different languages spoken at the academy united by a passion by students to be the best that they can be. The Art department is a hub of creativity that enables students to express their thoughts in an imaginative way regardless of background. As a department we pride ourselves in developing students into confident independent artists who explore visual language through a wide range of specialisms and experiences.

School Competition Entries


Tala Jebreen

30cm x 42cm, Carboard, string and acrylic paint


Melanie Valvuccio

42cm x 60cm, Pencil and oil pastel


Melissa Silva

30cm x 42cm, Card, acrylic, string and buttons


Kieran Milliken

42cm x 60cm, 2b and 4b Pencil

Galaxy City

Lewis Gerrard

30cm x 20cm, Card, acrylic, ink and pen

Abstract building

Simina Birsan

30cm x 42cm, Card, inks, graphite, acrylics


Conner Woods-Jago

42cm x 60cm, Carboard, string and acrylic paint


Praise Diresu

42cm x 60cm, Acrylic, graphite and glue

Vibrant Cathedral

Irene Lopez Montano

42cm x 60cm, Watercolour, pencil and pen


Romina Mircioiu

42cm x 60cm, Ink, glue, pen and pencil

Close up

Annie Benson

42cm x 60cm, Ink and pencil

Foxy the Lock

Weronika Mrugala

42cm x 60cm, Pencil


Mehedi Hassan

42cm x 60cm, Pencil, pen and watercolour

Colourful Cathedral

Lucy Calvert

42cm x 60cm, Pencil, pen and watercolour

The three Graces

Jessica Rooney

42cm x 60cm, Pencil


Jennifer Szczerba

42cm x 60cm, Pencil

Beautiful Decay

Grace Seary

30cm x 20cm, Card, watercolours and buttons


Ellie Harris

30cm x 42cm, Card, string and watercolours

Compassion and Courage

Liam Ungi

42cm x 60cm, Pencil